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       我公司专业生产化工废水蒸发结晶器、多效降膜蒸发器、干燥设备、离子交换柱、反应釜、中间槽、淀粉(糖)设备、酒精设备及非标设备的加工和制作。规格品种齐全,产品质量可靠,产品广泛用于化工、有色金属、冶炼、钢厂、油田、脱硫、造纸、制药、发酵、食品、酿酒、制糖、乳制品、生物工程等行业的废水处理和综合回收利用;将废水中的氯化钠、氯化氨、氯化钾、氯化铝、氯化铁、硫酸锰、硫酸镍、硫酸锌、硫酸钠、硫酸铵、硝酸钠、砷酸钠等结晶回收成产品再利用;将纯粹的 治理、达标排放深化为 治理、综合利用;蒸发出来的水回收再使用。废水通过蒸发结晶设备为各企业单位提供了 治理、达到低排放的标准。

  Anhui Gelinlan Biochemical Equipment Company Limited is situated in the Western Industrial Zone of Tianchang City which is in the urban region of Nanjing city and the economic cooperation area of Shanghai. With ninglian superhighway through the city, our company possesses a superior geographic location which provides endless opportunities for our business development.

  Our company is a key member of China Ferment and Starch Industrial Association. Utilizing agricultural products as the main raw material, we engage in the research of developing and manufacturing high-tech equipment in the field of biochemistry. To facilitate the research process and boost its result, we employ many experts who have prominent contributions in the industry to be the general technical inspectors and experienced consultants of the company.
  We develop a wide range of biochemical products which can be broadly applied in starching industry, paper-making, pharmacy, fermentation, food & chemical industry, alcohol-brewing, sugar-manufacturing, dairy products and environmental protection industries. To name just a few, our products include all types of concentrators, drying devices, starch-processing devices and non-standard equipment, pumps & valves used in kit, etc.  Besides the guaranteed durable and reliable product quality, a large variety of specifications are provided for different purposes.
  In light of our principle "walking on the road of science & technology and carrying out branding strategy to create our green future ", we cordially welcome interested parties to visit our company and share your invaluable experience with us. Your precious feedback can certainly help us serve you better.  We firmly believe we can become your sincere partner!